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In today's world it is impossible to imagine business survival outside of technology. Increasingly, the conception, growth, efficiency, profitability and the survival of today's businesses is underpinned by some of the most incredible technology solutions ever seen.
The world has now become so dependent on technology that any platform failure could easily lead to disastrous consequences. Surprisingly we use all such tools and resources on trust, on the assumption that someone somewhere has taken them through a rigorous testing process to confirm that such technology is fit for use and fit for purpose.
At HORATIO we are engaged for our expertise and ability to ensure that any system, solution or platform built for any customer delivers to set expectations. It must be functional, it must be reliable, it must capable, it must be resilient and it must deliver clear business benefits. To us, testing technology is not optional and quality is non-negotiable.

What We Do

At HORATIO our primary focus and specialisation is Technology Testing, be it Software, Systems, Cloud Services or Infrastructure. We provide test assurance, test consultancy, test training, test resourcing and testing managed services to clients all over the world.   Our innovative service delivery approach guarantees outstanding results on both the business and technical side of testing.
At HORATIO, we strongly believe that testing is not a conveyor belt activity. While we appreciate and embrace wholeheartedly the efficiencies introduced through the use of automation tools and offshore resources, these will not always be appropriate for all situations. We still believe that both business and technical stakeholder collaboration and interaction is essential.
As one of our clients you will always have the final say on the quality of your product, and we provide the medium for this through the relevant acceptance test phases. We never forget that our role is one of ensuring that all agreed requirements as specified by you, the customer have been delivered successfully and exactly as requested. We are advocates of quality and impartially represent the requirements of our customers and their product end-users. Our expertise provides businesses worldwide with unique, trusted and robust testing services for projects, whether internal or delivered through technical partners or vendors.

We will work closely with you, the customer, and we will always seek to deliver your technology to the highest quality standards.

We offer five comprehensive Testing Service Suites:

  1. Testing Consulting Services (advisory or delivery)
  2. Test Assurance Services (vendor and supplier compliance)
  3. Managed Testing Services (on-site functional & non-functional testing)
  4. Test Resourcing (supply of testing teams and testing SMEs)
  5. Test Training (provision of both on and off-site training programmes)

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