Our Test Assurance Service provides a project-independent and balanced view of the status and quality of testing throughout the project lifecycle. It is a Testing insurance policy taken on to ensure that the most suitable and effective test approach is being efficiently employed for the system or platform under test. Whether your project is being delivered externally by vendors \ technical partners, or whether it is delivered in house, you can benefit from our Test Assurance Service When projects get into difficulty, Test Assurance very quickly identifies testing related issues and provides practical & pragmatic solutions to get back on track.

New projects and existing services

  • We can provide guidance on improved effectiveness for projects in difficulty
  • We can provide independent assurance on vendor delivered projects
  • We can provide support as an internal function servicing multiple projects within the same programme

What we offer:

  • An assurance of quality on the approach, depth and thoroughness of testing.
  • An assurance of compliance to world class testing standards (ISO/IEC 29119)
  • An assurance of compliance to relevant regulatory requirements
  • An assurance of compliance to your internal project delivery framework

Our focus:

  • Appropriate Test Strategy
  • Pragmatic Test Planning
  • Fastidious Test Specification
  • Efficient Test Execution
  • Swift defect resolution and closure
  • Factual and Accurate Test Reporting

Key Testing deliverables

  • Test Strategies
  • Stage Test plans
  • Requirements traceability matrix
  • Test cases and Test scripts
  • Test Entry and Exit criteria
  • Test execution Schedule
  • Test and Defect status Reports

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