Testing is an essential part of the software development process and many organisations, leaders and businesses recognise the importance of technology by brand and reputation. We carry out independent quality audits and inspections (verification and validation) on behalf of our clients to ensure products are being built (and tested) to the highest quality standards. We monitor the testing service contracts and deliverables to ensure the process maximises a return on investment, reduces technical and business risks, reduces cost, improves quality and actually delivers tangible benefits.
We provide the full testing spectrum of discovery, planning, execution, reporting and post- implementation support, either as an injection of specialist expertise or in managed teams.

We support organisations at all levels of test maturity to assure the quality of their technology and their testing resources.
We have testing experience with a variety of technology solutions gained across a range of industry sectors.
We combine an understanding of the business domain, the technology and the toolset with the ability to improve test processes. This enables us to identify and focus on high risk areas to ensure the best possible results. Our consulting services range from helping you to develop your test strategy or optimise your test environments to maximising the benefits of automation or user acceptance testing. 
We champion the adoption of more efficient, pragmatic and effective test processes and ensure consistency with our testing approach.

Why (the usual customer problem):

  • You have no central testing team in place
  • You have a test team in place but the standards are very poor
  • You have a test team in place but they are not experienced, qualified, willing or committed
  • You have a test team in place but applications and/or systems still continue to be of poor quality causing damage to customer reputation, loss of earning, or huge expense from  live defect fixes and reputational repair
  • Your IT projects are managed in silos, with project managers managing testing as they deem fit
  • You have outsourced all IT projects but are still receiving poor quality software. Usually the vendor/customer relationship is so complex and intertwined that it is quite difficult to terminate the contract with the vendor
  • Your products are failing compliance audits

What we do (the solution):

  • We will assess the situation and provide recommendations (diagnostics)
  • We can come in and create a brand new testing department or work stream complete with processes, procedures and training for the new recruits
  • We can recruit, train and embed a new testing team
  • We can provide training to your existing test team to raise standards
  • We can support your existing team with better processes and procedures
  • We can support (handhold) the existing team on an in-flight project or programme 
  • We can come in with a team and deliver full end to end testing services on an in-flight project or programme
  • We can come and ensure that all systems are compliant with the various regulatory or organisation-defined requirements or standards


The tools we use (the solution in technical/testing/business-speak):

  • Systems and infrastructure testing health check with recommendations for process improvement, industry standard compliance, cost savings and improved service delivery
  • Creation of testing work streams and its standard operating procedures
  • Building world-class Test teams designed to align with the organisational culture
  • Organisational Test policy design
  • Test strategy design, development and management
  • Design and establishment of fault management and escalation procedures
  • Design and establishment of effective test management procedures and processes
  • Functional and non-functional test execution and management
  • Managing vendor compliance with industry standards and client’s testing requirements
  • Application vendor, third party suppliers and offshore team management
  • Business acceptance testing interface between customer and vendor
  • Design and delivery of training programmes for testing resources
  • Knowledge transfer from interim to embedded testing function

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