Managed Services

Our managed testing service provides a full suite of Test policy, Test strategy, planning, specification, execution, management and process improvement services. We deliver this through the use of our experienced and qualified Testing specialists employing global industry standard models, techniques and processes. We provide customers with an assurance of quality by ensuring that focus is directed on where the testing effort is most needed.
Effective resource planning is conducted as it relates to systems quality assurance and testing in terms of people, environments and data. We will at all times strive to achieve optimum levels of testing on systems, applications and infrastructure to improve efficiency and maximise business benefit while reducing risk and cost. We produce measurable and tangible results to shorten project timescales, optimise the use of test resources and reduce subsequent post-implementation support costs.  We will at all times strive to achieve increased control and maximum confidence in the quality of deliverables whether the systems are being developed in-house or by outsourced suppliers.

Managed testing services span the following:

  • Programme and project test management services
  • Test process definition
  • Testing policy formulation
  • Testing strategy definition
  • Test planning and specification
  • Test environment definition and management
  • Test data preparation and management
  • Functional and non-functional test execution
  • Defect lifecycle management 
  • Test environment and data definition and management
  • Test reporting and closure
  • Post-implementation testing support regime

Our structured testing approach means we will always provide:

  • A uniform basis for testing, consistent across a client’s programmes or projects
  • A manageable basis for testing, in which early approval of deliverables and clear visibility of processes is the rule rather than the exception
  • An auditable basis for testing, in which quality and compliance with the requirements of regulatory frameworks will be readily achievable
  • A well understood basis for testing, with clear objectives, which will facilitate further process improvement

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